Tuesday, May 19, 2009

smoke out 10

well had a blast as always seen friends havent seen in a bit... road down with a close friend meet up with more at the smoke out .. seen all the tuff guys walkin around seen a alot of trailerd bikes thats always fun .. ????? if you trailer your bike more then you ride it are you a biker or a trucker ??? road the skyline drive at 11 at night almost hit a good 15 deer had to take a lil gas from the pumps at the state park .. fuck them i hate v.a anyway .. got pulled by v.a hiway cops for speeding and then thay tell us that tryed to chase us but we wher rideing to fast to get to so that made a bullshit road block ????? then let us go ???? i have know idea why but cant fight with that ... ied like to say the hores can sux my dick and balls 35bucks for campin and then 35 to get in to the track.. ha good thing we made fake rist bands got to love the party fare store .. well i thing that the end kids ..

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